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Don’t worry, the familiar fieldbus will not disappear from the factories tomorrow. But now is the time to think about the industrial communication of tomorrow. TSN (Time Sensitive Networking) brings real-time capabilities to standard ethernet networks in a short to medium term. Now is the time to test how the benefits can be exploited in industrial production.

Why could this turn out to be profitable?

  • TSN permits convergent networks with high bandwidth and real-time simultaneously – merging production and IT

  • Native Ethernet instead of proprietary communication protocols

  • Manufacturer-independent, future-proof and cost-effective

  • Flexible network topologies and potential redundancy

  • Simplified migration to future technologies and value-add services

At present various groups and committees are focusing on TSN. From standardized data description through engineering and monitoring up to safety and security, many questions are still unanswered. It is time for the first users to test TSN and to provide sample solutions. Not only the technology itself but also:

  • New, open, manufacturer-independent standards

  • Migration strategies for further use of existing devices and profiles

  • User support, from basic training up to certification

For the Industry Work Group TSN for Automation, ISW would like to introduce itself as a research institute and system integrator.

Are you with us when we talk about these topics:

  • TSN lab as a testing platform in Stuttgart, Germany

  • Panels of experts and users

  • Reference implementations and starter kits

  • Joint public relations work and trade fair attendances

  • Information and user trainings

  • Exchange with national and international standardization committees

  • TSN innovation days

  • Activities pushing certification